Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grand Finale to 14th AIYF Conference-Only Way to Win is Through Struggles

C. Adhikesavan from Jalandhar
‘The end of history, as they called it, did not happen, and the overthrow of socialism in Eastern Europe was the starting point of two decades of aggression, terror and occupation by imperialism all over the world, and particularly in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq,’ said WFDY president Dieogo Viera while inaugurating the delegate session of the 14th National Conference of the All India Youth Federation.
In his inspiring speech, continued Dieogo Viera, ‘This is a tough battle and the only way to win is through the struggle. Not just any struggle, but the politically organised struggle in the working places, in the schools, in the neighbourhoods and wherever necessary, wherever the people and youth are, to ensure what is ours: our rights!’
It was in the tradition of these struggles only that the delegate session venue of the conference, being held in Jalandhar from September 28, 2010, was named after Comrade Sudalai Muthu, who had vehemently opposed the age-old caste discrimination to which he himself was a victim. He was AIYF Trinalveli district secretary in Tamilnadu and had launched a forceful movement against sand mafia who were having tacit underhand dealings with the ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK). With the sand mafia-police-DMK nexus Comrade Sudalai Muthu was murdered in cold blood on August 14, 2007.
After the massive rally and grand inaugural meeting addressed by CPI general secretary A B Bardhan on September 28, 2010, delegate session started with nearly 700 delegates including alternate delegates on September 29. AIYF national president P. Sandosh Kumar hoisted the AIYF flag amidst thunderous slogans and clapping and later the leaders and delegates paid floral tributes to the martyrs who have laid down their lives. A special martyrs’ column was erected for this purpose.
AIYF national general secretary K. Murugan announced the formation of the presidium comprising P. Sandosh Kumar, Guatam Roy, D. Lenin, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, K. Rajan, Kishore Kuman, Kuldeep Vohra, Srinivas Rao and Suhashini Batra and the appointment of minutes committee, with Girish Phondy as convener, resolutions committee with Genu Zakaria Ooman, and credential committee with Sathi Sunderas.
Among the commissions, the political one was headed by Mahesh Rathi, on activities was led by Ishwariaya and the action plan was led by Aftab Alam Khan.
Former AIYF president and convenor of organizing committee Pirithipal Singh Marimegha delivered the welcome speech.
Pallab Sengupta, former WFDY general secretary lauded the 14th AIYF national conference and congratulated the delegates.
Kuldeep Singh Bhalla delivered the vote of thanks.
The current AIYF national general secretary placed the political report before the delegates. Then action plan report was read out by P. Sandosh Kumar.
More than a hundred delegates took part in the discussion on the political document and plan of action. Some pointed out its merits and others its weakness. After serious discussion the presidium accepted some changes. There were also group discussions on the two documents. Then the foreign delegates delivered speeches which expressed international solidarity with the struggling people against imperialism throughout the world.
AIYF national secretary Mahesh Rathi placed condolence resolution and two minutes silence was maintained in honour of the lost warriors.
Ginu Zecharia Ooman presented various resolutions.
On the concluding day, the delegates elected a 115 general council members and one invitee unanimously. Then the national general council members elected Aftab Alam Khan from Jharkhand as national president, P. Sandosh Kumar from Kerala as national general secretary, three national vice presidents — Ginu Zakariaya Ooman from Delhi, Suhashini from Orissa, Kunj Kishore Kuman from Assam, and four national secretaries, Ishwariaya from Andhra Pradesh, Kashmira Singh from Punjab, Sanjay Kumar Singh from Bihar and Thirumalai from Tamilnadu. The office secretary would be Roykutty Oommachan.
In between, resolutions were passed on national and international issues. Few among them are as follows:
Pledge to fight against imperialism
We are living in a critical juncture where the imperialist forces under the aegis of America are extending its hegemony across the globe especially in the third world countries. In the absence of a countervailing socialist bloc, imperialism is on the offensive to “roll back” the limited economic sovereignty of the third world. The IMF, World Bank and WTO being the trinity which holds the lesser developed countries to ransom to impose the policies of neo-liberalization. Millions of people have been pushed to starvation and poverty due to the draconian policies of the third world countries imposed on them by the American Government. 14th AIYF conference strongly condemns the growing hegemony of imperialism and commits to intensify struggle against the imperialist forces.
Release of the five Cuban heroes
Illegally detained and put behind bars by the American government without fair trial, the five Cuban comrades must be released immediately. The 14th AIYF conference strongly demands their immediate release and hope that the truth prevails.
Solidarity with Palestine people
Palestine lies at the heart of the conflict in West Asia, which continues to heap untold misery and suffering on millions of people in the region. Israel is squarely indicted as a serial offender, responsible for perpetuating the conflict. It has exhibited scant regard for international law and has refused to implement any of the Security Council resolutions on Palestine. The brutal and illegal siege of Gaza, home to 1.5 million people, continues. As a consequence, 80-90 percent of the inhabitants are totally dependent on aid as a result of the planned destruction of the entire economy of Gaza. This aid, including even humanitarian aid such as medicines, has now been reduced to a trickle. The Israeli regime has been indicted in the Goldstone Report for “Operation Cast Lead” that killed more than 1200 people, destroyed schools, hospitals, homes and infrastructure.
The attack on the Flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza, and the killing of 9 persons who were part of the Flotilla, is a stark reminder that Israel has no intention of respecting any canon of civilised behavior. The AIYF 14th conference makes the following demands:
n An end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and all other occupied territories
n Immediate lifting of the inhuman siege of Gaza
n Implementation of the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees
n Dismantling of the Apartheid Wall and all illegal settlements on the West Bank
n Release of all Palestinian political prisoners
n The dismantling of the apartheid regime in Israel, which denies basic rights to its Palestinian population.
Tackling Maoism
The asymmetric socio-economic conditions prevailing in India and the debacle of the government to address the genuine grievances of the tribals and the downtrodden has lead to the penetration of Maoist insurgency in the sidelined tribal districts in our country. Maoists vindicate their inhuman atrocities and mass repression against the common people in the name of distorted version of Marxist-Leninist theories. It is to be noted that the Maoists are giving strong reasons for the government to indulge in repression against common people in the name of fighting ultras. We strongly condemn the inhuman violence of Maoist cadres and urge upon them to enter into a peaceful political dialogue to bring justice to the tribals and downtrodden sections.
Peace in Jammu and Kashmir
The recent escalated violence and the undemocratic nature of the Para military forces has exasperated the prevalent political chaos in J&K. It is a matter of concern that nearly hundred people were killed and many were detained and tortured in the name of counter-insurgency by the armed forces. We believe that the socio-economic backwardness and unemployment are abating religious fundamentalism and separatism in the minds of the unemployed youths of J&K youth. We urge upon the government to take immediate steps, to generate adequate employment in J&K, there by win over the confidence of the younger generations. We demand that political stability be restored and request all the political parties in J&K to join together for a viable political solution in the region.
Withdraw AFSPA
The rampant civilian atrocities and human rights violation that the AFSPA has unleashed in the northeastern region is destroying normalcy and stability in the region. We demand that the AFSPA should be withdrawn immediately to ensure peace and stability must be restored in the conflict-ridden regions.
Strengthen NREGA
NREGA is the welfare measure that radicalised and revolutionised the rural India in the post independent era. The inception of which is attributed to the inevitable and unyielding efforts of the left parties. It ensured for the first time in known history a right based legislation which ensured 100 days of work for families in rural India, it augmented family earnings, stalled distressed migration, invoked gender equality and moreover it gave the word labour –dignity. But the effective implementation of the act has been hindered by poor political will in addressing the grievances of the stakeholders. To invigorate and implement the act in its true spirit we demand that the number of days of employment per family, per year be increased to 200days and we urge the central government to augment the minimum wages under the act to Rs.150.
Get Back Katchtheevu Island, protect TN fishermen.
For Independence Kutch Island was the personal property of King Sedupathi of Ramanathapuram. And later after Independence as a part of Rameshwaram, Katchatheevu Island was providing livelihood to the fishing community and resting place for them.
In 1976, without discussing with the fishing people of Tamilnadu and the government of the state, without any regard for the democratic federal setup, India’s the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi had handover the Katchtheevu Island to the Sri Lankan government.
From that day to this day, the fishing people are being attacked and brutally killed by the Sri Lankan Naval Force is a continuous and unstoppable process.
The fishing tools and instruments are being destroyed and damaged regularly. Till now more than a thousand fishing people have been mercilessly and inhumanly killed by the Sri Lankan forces.
This is a total disregard and opposition to the sovereignty of the India.
So to safeguard and protect the fishing community, this 14th AIYF National Conference demands immediate scraping of the Indo-Sri Lankan 1976 agreement and to get back the Katchatheevu Island. n

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